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KAPLAN - USMLE Step 1 Kaplan Lectures 2010 Complete Collection

KAPLAN - USMLE Step 1 Kaplan Lectures 2010 Complete Collection

KAPLAN - USMLE Step 1 Kaplan Lectures 2010 Complete Collection
DVDRip | F4V | English | Runtime: 210 hours | 768x432 | 30.00 fps | Flash Video, MPEG, 589 Kbps | AAC 128 kbps 44 KHz Stereo | 62 GB
Genre: e-learning | Medical

The Kaplan videos are the brand new editions from the 2010 course, for use with the new green revision notes. Coming to a total of 210 hours of video.They have been completely revised from the 2007 versions, and have been re-filmed in crystal clear high-definition video. They are. F4v files (flash video) and they can be played with almost all of the mainstream media players.They are of excellent video and audio quality. They are encoded to be watched on a computer, The set is easy to navigate and perfectly organized with clear chapter and section labels. Completely revised edition, now the video image is very clear, all the slides are clear. In the general course - super advice.

The USMLE assesses a physician's ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles, and to demonstrate fundamental patient-centered skills, that are important in health and disease and that constitute the basis of safe and effective patient care. Each of the three Steps of the USMLE complements the others; no Step can stand alone in the assessment of readiness for medical licensure. Because individual medical licensing authorities make decisions regarding use of USMLE results, physicians seeking licensure should contact the jurisdiction where they intend to apply for licensure to obtain complete information. Also, the FSMB can provide general information on medical licensure.


-Histology & Cytology
-Early Embryology
-Gross Anatomy & Organogenesis

Behavioral Science

-Biochem 1
-Biochem 2
-Molecular Biology


-Microbial Genetics & Drug Resistance
-Gen Microbiology


-Gen Principles
-Autonomic Pharm
-Cardiac & Renal Pharm
-CNS Pharm
-Drugs for Infammatory & Related Disorders
-Drugs used in Blood Disorders
-Endrocrine Pharm
-AntiCancer Drugs

-Fluid Distribution & Edema
-Excitable Tissue
-Skeletal Muscle
-Cardiac Muscle Mechanics
-Peripheral Circulation
-Cardiac Cycle & Valvular Heart Disease
-Renal Physiology
-Acid Base Disturbances
-Gastrointestinal Physiology

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